Our alpha generation algorithms combine fundamental analysis with market internals to select the best performing investment opportunities across mutual funds, ETFs and equities. Assets with highest composite ranks are selected on a regular basis and recommended to investors, based on their risk profile.

We have adopted these investing principles from global investors, who have consistently outperformed the market and their peers.



It is critical for investors to reduce the effects of broad market downturns and protect capital

Most investment managers today, use principle from Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) , to construct and manage portfolios. MPT is theoretically sound, but has some important shortcomings, based on three underlying assumptions, which are flawed.

  • Asset correlations remain constant over time.
  • Portfolios recover quickly from drawdowns.
  • Markets grow in perpetuity.

We use a combination of Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance, market fundamentals and technical analysis to create a rules based allocation strategy.